About Us

Testing is all we do

About Us

SQA Consultant team lives and breathes quality. We believe that improving the quality of operations and projects turns around a business. We have transformed the concept of quality from a bottleneck to the bottom line for many companies. Unlike many outsourcing companies that use QA as a stepping stone to win other projects, QA is SQA Consultant team's sole mission of existence.

SQA Consultant advantage Value for your business
Dedicated testing team Get absolutely independent and free from bias QA
Excellence in using latest technologies Be the first to market with our faster, better, and cheaper services
Transparency and relationship management Access critical information, professional documentation, and QA reports
Personal touch Choose from the on-demand, managed, or end to end QA models

What Sets Us Apart?


SQA Consultant comprises of certified resources with expertise in cutting edge technologies, working as an absolutely independent body. The team experience guides the passion of using latest technologies in innovative ways for the optimum output. With exposure to diverse industry environments and technologies, we add a personal touch in each project that is beyond the academic approach of quality assurance.

Key Benefits
  • Independent team structure guarantees freedom from bias and internal conflict of interest
  • Two decades of hands on experience in a wide range of industries
  • Impeccable record of consistently delivering high quality projects
  • Expertise in using the latest technologies


One of the inherent challenges of QA is to communicate the observed issues to the developing team in the right spirit. The communication becomes even more critical when offshore outsourcing is involved. We believe that when clients outsource their projects to us, they deserve to know the honest opinion of QA experts. Our communication protocol enables our clients to see the progress, provide their input, request changes, and receive our consultancy on issues in real time.

Key Benefits
  • Multitier communication system to ensure on-time information sharing
  • Sharing of professional documentation throughout project life cycle
  • Adherence to the communication best practices


With unfailing commitment to excellence and transparency in our work, we have built a strong reputation of trustworthy quality assurance partners for end to end projects as well as on demand QA services. The high level of trust is depicted from a large number of our returning clients who consider us an integral part of their team. We provide our clients with the comfort of working with the same team over the years unlike most outsourcing companies who struggle to retain their teams. Our team retention capabilities save our clients’ time and effort in sharing the required knowledge base about a project.

Key Benefits
  • A proven track record of client satisfaction
  • Fast learning and knowledge retention capabilities
  • Relationship management to achieve customer satisfaction throughout project life cycle

Flexible Business Model

As our business mission is: After all it is all about People we believe that the customer satisfaction and ease of doing business with us is the foremost for our corporate mission. Therefore, we offer flexibility in our business model to accommodate clients’ unique QA needs. Although the team structure and processes are tailored specifically according to each project’s needs, following are the categories that represent our two major business models:

End to End Consultancy

For clients who want to outsource an entire testing project, the most suitable model is end to end consultancy. The clients' major contribution in this model is to describe their requirements and then we take the complete responsibility to deliver a successful project.

Key Benefits
  • Benefits of outsourcing with the quality of in-house teams
  • Faster and better product delivery with complete IP security
  • Access to the latest tools and technologies
  • Dedicated team members adept at the innovative use of cutting-edge testing technologies
On Demand Consultancy

Outsourcing a portion of a project that falls out of areas of expertise or time limits is also a common practice. SQA Consultant team offers a number of viable options for clients who want to engage expert QA consultants for specific projects or parts of a project only.

Key Benefits
  • Minimize business risks while enjoying the quality of in-house teams
  • Access the extensive collection of automated scripts, testing best practices and proprietary techniques
  • Mix and match from a rich pool of resources, technologies, and business operating procedures