Mining operations are becoming safer and efficient with the help of innovative use of technology. Our contribution to the mining industry includes assuring the quality of applications that are revolutionizing the mining operations. Our experience includes projects like complete QA of the applications designed to automate critical mining operations. The most critical part in the successful completion of such projects is to understand the safety regulations of the industry. Following is an example of our services for this industry.

Control Systems for Mining

This project for mining applications included an operator control unit (OCU) and a machine control unit. Communication between both systems was based on CANbus protocol. For controlling rail cars the product had sophisticated features to conform to safety rules and regulations. Along with digital and analog inputs from the user, many other peripherals were also a part of the information used by the machine control unit. To get complete test coverage for these features, testing was performed using emulators and hardware tests. We also provided a graphical display which supported user customizable icons.

Key Benefits

  • CANbus communication protocol tests
  • Complex operator control unit
  • Included analog and digital inputs
  • Graphical display tests for user customizable icons