Static & Dynamic Analysis

Ensure 100% coverage of complex software

Static & Dynamic Analysis

Static & Dynamic Analysis

Over the years many coding guidelines and testing techniques have been created and matured to ensure maintainable and scalable code. Static and dynamic code analyses are among such techniques. These techniques also help in testing complex applications which is not possible in a black-box setup. When performed together, the static and dynamic analyses target two major kinds of errors: those introduced due to coding faults and those arising due to program’s interaction with other applications when it is executed.

With a decade long history of ensuring standard compliance, SQA Consultant team has vast experience of static and dynamic analysis to offer. As testing requirements greatly vary from one project to the other, we offer our services on a need basis. At the project initiation we evaluate the required level of testing for a particular project and draw high level requirements for the testing methods to be used in static and dynamic testing.

We have experience in testing different standards under static analysis including MISRA-C, code complexity, commenting standards, naming conventions, and coding best practices for safety critical applications. Similarly, under dynamic analysis we offer different testing services like statement coverage, branch/decision coverage, procedure coverage, MC/DC coverage and dynamic data flow coverage.

Being well versed with different tools such as LDRA, McCabe and Tessy with testing services for applications ranging from SIL 1 to SIL 3, SQA Consultant is a one-stop shop for having a complete test coverage of complex embedded systems applications and preparing products for safety standards compliance.

Key Benefits
  • Early detection of errors
  • Standardized code
  • Standard-compliant products

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