With the spread of informal learning, education industry is freeing itself from constraints that kept it from growing. The distance learning programs are a major contributor to this trend. Such programs are helping individuals reach their learning goals regardless of their geographical location and other limitations. In addition to individuals, the formal educational institutes are also offering distance education programs through internet to outreach more students across the globe.

SQA Consultant is helping education industry in developing scalable distance learning programs. One of our many contributions included providing quality assurance for a web-based distance learning program that integrated multiple interactivity options for trainers and learners. The project aimed to create a customized learning experience where trainers could alter the contents of training according to the learner’s capabilities in an online portal.

The quality assurance requirements of the project included functional and compatibility testing of the application for a wide variety of user devices.The diversity of devices on which the trainers and learners would use the application made the project challenging. Moreover, the project required testing of the web portal that offered around 18 different customized functions to learners and trainers. We overcame these challenges by an exhaustive functional testing that covered the following aspects of the application quality:

  • Compatibility of application across a variety of devices and OS
  • The Performance of the system under practical environment
  • The fitness of application for a number of different learning modes

The successful completion of the project enabled our client to launch a highly scalable distance learning application that empowered the learners and trainers to make the learning process easy and valuable for both.