Real time data availability is transforming many routine operations in power industry. The internet based remote monitoring solutions for power systems are enabling efficient and innovative use of power devices.

SQA Consultant's portfolio includes many successful projects for power industry. One of our projects was for a major player of the power industry who traded in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) units. The project was to ensure the quality of an application that enabled users to remotely monitor, control, and configure the power devices.

The challenge of the project was the integrated nature of the application that included hardware, software, and web-based elements. The key to application was the seamless integration of various functionalities like alarm notification, site configuration, access control, report generation, etc.

Our testing methodology met these challenges by combining various testing techniques like functional, compatibility, and automated testing. Automation of more than 300 test cases allowed us to speed up the entire testing process while keeping the overall budget very economical. We also carried out regression testing for the frequent revisions of the web part of the application.

With the successful completion of the project, our client was able to launch the application in three different countries while also enabling the end users to control and configure critical devices from across the globe. With our low cost and fast paced delivery, the client gained significant first mover advantage for the innovative application.