With the increasing trend of employing IT innovatively in health care industry, the quality assurance needs of the industry are also increasing proportionately. The most common testing requirements for health care applications’ quality assurance include testing for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and the end-user technology (mobile, multiple OS) compliance.

SQA Consultant has rich experience in testing health care applications using both manual and automated testing tools (e.g., QTP, HP Quality Center, and Selenium). We also have expertise in multi-platform testing, e.g., performance testing and load testing of healthcare applications. Our testing services for health care applications are distinguished from the rest due to our technology expertise, skilled resources, and economical costs.

One of our projects provided end to end testing for web applications developed as per different requirements of all 50 US states. The most important requirement was to ensure that all the tools that we used were platform independent and diverse enough to handle multiple configurations. Moreover, another challenge of the project was to maintain a large database to store the records.

The SQA team successfully completed the testing project ensuring seamless deployment of the application across different platforms with variable configurations. The solution included functional testing to ensure the application’s performance on iOS, Android, Windows8, etc. We also performed load testing to appraise the application’s strength against industry’s standards for load and performance.