Based Project

Application Description Activities Performed

Gas Monitor Management Web Application

A comprehensive gas monitor management web application solution. The application is responsible for performing scheduled tasks such as calibration, bump, diagnostics, and record-keeping. In addition it remotely monitors the condition of the equipment fleet and provides reliable reports to the customers about their fleet.

Security testing has been performed to make sure that the application is reasonably secure for the top 10 security vulnerabilities identified by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Standard. Functional, regression and usability testing has been performed throughout the project iterations to raise the quality of an application to a certain level.

Telemedicine & e-Consultation

CureTel is a web based telemedicine and e-consultation application which facilitates fast and efficient communication between patient and consultant. The patient just needs to go to the nearest CureTel Center to confer with leading consultants worldwide for consultation and second opinions.

Performed Functional, Integration, GUI, Performance, and Regression testing of the application.

Real Time Data Acquisition and Reporting

A secure web-based platform for dynamic monitoring & diagnostics of remote locomotives, it provides automated remote monitoring, system-health status, website reports customized for user, remote data-logger access, remote firmware updates, predictive maintenance and automatic request for service. The application is also capable of generating customized reports like:

  • Local supervisor (Productivity, speed violations)
  • Maintenance supervisor (wheel slip, selected faults)
  • Communications department forms (RF Comm. loss)
  • E-mail alerts for defined faults, failures, and/or warnings

System Testing
Functional Testing
Integration Testing
GUI Testing

Requirements Management Application

This application provides a comprehensive requirements management environment that helps the development of requirements through efficient communication and collaboration across the enterprise. It actively engages all stakeholders in a collaborative process by providing a web interface to access the requirements database from anywhere, anytime.

Performed Functional, Integration, GUI, Performance and regression testing of the application


Application Description Activities Performed

Radio/Remote Operated Locomotives

This project is about radio remote control firmware with dual CPU architecture. This is a highly safety-critical embedded application used in the rail transportation industry and complies to EN-50128, which is a well known safety standard for the rail industry.

Along with functional and dynamic testing of these control systems, detailed white box testing is performed to make the systems compliant to EN-50128 safety standard. For static analysis, automated testing is also performed during code walk-through and code inspection phases.

Advanced Radio/Remote Operated Locomotives

The project is concerned with the Locomotive Control Unit decoder as the central brain of Locomotives. This embedded application is a highly safety critical application used in rail transportation industry. The advanced features of this product are self decision making on the speed control system and braking system.

Along with functional testing on real time environment this firmware is also tested on Locomotive simulators, Transponder & GPS simulators, Map/Track simulators.

Embedded Control Systems for Material Handling

This project is about radio remote control firmware for safety critical systems with dual CPU architecture. These systems are used in material handling industry applications like Cranes, Truck Equipment Control, Petroleum Production, Construction, Power, Gas Utilities, etc.

Along with functional and dynamic testing of these control systems, detailed white box testing is performed to make the system compliant to EN-13849 safety standard. For static analysis, automated testing is also performed during code walk-through and code inspection phases.

Embedded Control Systems for Mining

The scope of this project included data acquisition and monitoring from mining equipment. The system includes Remote Configuration, Alarm Notification and Management, Remote Diagnostic Reports and Remote Health Monitoring.

Functional, integration and performance testing are performed to ensure a consistent behavior in unexpected and unnatural scenarios. Detailed white box testing is also performed to make sure that the firmware is compliant to EN-13849 standard.

Gas Monitoring Devices

The scope of the project is to develop firmware for gas monitoring devices that contains different types of sensors responding to different levels of gas concentration.

QA activities include firmware requirements and design reviews, preparing testing documents which include Test plan, Traceability matrix and Test reports. Testing activities include black box testing and white box testing, consisting of MISRA-C compliance, code complexity, commenting and naming convention standards verification using SQM-Lint, CCCC & Doxygen respectively.

Docking Station for Gas Monitoring Devices

This is an advanced Docking Station with the capability to directly upload the instrument data to the web server. A Docking Station is connected to the internet via wired/wireless medium. This docking station is capable of calibrations, bump tests, diagnostic tests, and datalog downloads. All of these activities are also controlled by the central web server. The docking station also serves as a battery charger for instruments with rechargeable batteries.

Functional testing is performed for system functionality. Audit of test scripts and other related artifacts are also performed. The security testing of the configuration application hosted on the VDS is also a part of the testing scope.