The gas detection industry’s aim is to increase the safety of operation in safety-critical work environments. As the gas detecting applications vow to save human lives at work, these applications should be absolutely flawless and fail-safe to fulfill their purpose. The SQA Consultant team helps gas detection OEMs in ensuring the quality of their equipment. Some of our projects for the industry are given below:

Data Acquisition and Reporting

The project was to validate a web application consisting of more than 200 pages that collected data from various locations and reported it to a central location. The challenges of the project included handling the huge amount of data and performing regression tests on the application’s weekly revisions. To meet these challenges, we automated more than 2500 test cases that reduced the testing time of the application. We also conducted focused testing on vulnerable areas of application to increase the testing quality while reducing the overall testing time. Benefits for the clients were to provide backward compatibility assurance and supporting infrastructure with valuable cost saving for the client.

Maintenance Scheduling and Alarm Notifications

This application was designed to generate alarm notifications according to the maintenance schedule of safety-critical products. The challenges that we addressed included the sensitivity of the data and multiple points of intrusion. Our solution consisted of security testing to identify the top 10 vulnerabilities as per well known safety standards. We employed the best practices to enhance the security checks in the system. This solution ensured the security of communication channels and made the application secure in accordance with well-acclaimed safety standards.

Agency Approval of Gas Detection Sensors

This project required getting agency approval for a gas detection sensor. The challenge was to perform verification activities and complete software development life cycle documentation as per EN 50271 and EN 61508 for SIL 1 in a short time period.

Our SQA team implemented all standard guidelines according to both standards’ requirements. We also coordinated with the assessors to get certification for the product. Our client benefited from the saved time and cost due to the economical and efficient project completion