Operating Procedure

From the philosophical definitions to the flimsy concept of equating quality with high price, the word ‘quality’ takes many shapes and forms. For us, at SQA Consultant, a quality product is one that pleases its users in unexpected ways. To achieve this, we pay attention to every pixel so that quality is improved incrementally in every possible way. We assure that each product, that we help build, is rated as the best in terms of functionality, reliability, productivity, and scalability.

With the globalization of businesses, methods of assessing and establishing the quality of a product are becoming quite intricate. The competition of bringing products early to market and keeping them cheaper adds more to the catch. Fulfilling these requirements means a lot of hard work for already burdened development and in house testing teams. SQA Consultant outsourcing services take a load off of your shoulders. We provide extensive quality assurance services within a very affordable package. Our approach is to introduce testing early into projects and then keep it going throughout the project life cycle. Our offshore model illustrates the quality assurance activities that we carry out at each step of a project.